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Rollators & Walkers


Do you feel like you are losing your independence or are avoiding situations that require you to walk short distances because you feel unsteady or are worried about falling?  Considering the use of a walker or rollator may increase your independence so you don’t have to rely on others to help you move about your home or beyond for a walk in your neighborhood.


Walkers are available in many different styles and sizes and have numerous convenient accessories such as cane & cup holders, slow-down brakes, folding baskets and even a fun clamp on flower vase!  Rollator walkers are more common for every day independence and fall prevention.  They have wheels, brakes, a basket or bag and a seat for you to safely rest on if you need to.  Certain models also offer you a color choice!  A standard folding walker is a lite weight frame with four legs often used when more weight bearing is required, they are typically used after hip or knee surgery.


It is always very important to purchase the right size of walker as they are available in several different seat heights and have adjustable handles.  The weight of the walker is also something important to consider, you want to make sure you can safely lift the walker in and out of your home & vehicle if you will be venturing out and about with your new set of wheels!


There are funding programs available to assist you with the purchase of a new walker.  Walkers are funded by the Assistive Devices Program through the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in Ontario.  Ask our knowledgeable staff for additional funding options funding options.

Xpresso Rollator Walker
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