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Power Wheelchairs


A power wheelchair provides freedom and independence to an individual who is limited in their ability to propel a manual chair or walk independently.  Power wheelchairs are not just for people with traditional mobility impairments, they are also used by people with cardiovascular and fatigue based conditions.


Power wheelchairs come in many styles and varieties for an individual user's specific needs.  There are rear wheel drive, mid wheel drive and front wheel drive chairs designed for indoor, outdoor and indoor/outdoor use.  There are also all terrain power wheelchairs to allow users to be active in non-urban areas such as beaches and hiking trails.


In the province of Ontario, power wheelchairs are often prescribed by a healthcare professional and may qualify for funding assistance.  Power wheelchairs are ordered for an individual’s specific requirements such as style, size, seating components, drive controls and many other options.  For more information, please call and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff.

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