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Bedroom Equipment


Many people who have limited mobility experience challenges in getting a good night sleep!  Simply getting in and out of bed and re-positioning while in bed, present challenges to many.


A simple bed rail installed on your existing bed may be all that is needed to assist in getting properly positioned for that good night’s sleep.  A floor to ceiling pole or a bed step can also provide that little bit of extra support while getting in and out of bed.


For more challenging situations, an adjustable hospital bed will allow for easy adjustment by either a caregiver or the individual to find that comfortable sleeping position and the optimal position for transfers.  The multiple positions offered by a hospital bed ensures caregiver safety and ease of providing daily personal care.  Partnered with a therapeutic surface, a hospital bed is able to provide a high level of comfort and protection against skin breakdown.  Many styles of rails are available from ½ to full length, providing peace of mind while your loved one is sleeping.


Over bed tables, bed alarms, pillows, bed wedges, bed ladders, sheepskin products, fall mats and trapezes are a few of the many items available to provide a safe and functional bedroom environment.  We sell new and used bedroom equipment as well as the option of renting if your needs are short term.


Hospital Bed
Bed Wedge
M-Rail Bed Rail

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