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Lift & Recline Chairs


Lift and Recline Chairs are designed to make standing from a sitting position easier and to assist the individual in keeping their independence.  The power recline feature allows the user multiple positions for sitting comfort while enjoying activities such as reading, crafts, watching TV or the occasional nap!


As we age, this once simple task of getting up from a chair can become increasingly difficult.  With the push of a button, a Lift and Recline Chair will raise the individual safely to a standing position, decreasing the potential of a fall or injury.  When it is time to sit back in the chair, the power lift feature allows the user to be gently lowered back to a sitting positon.


Lift and Recline chairs are available in a 2 position, 2 ½ position (wall hugger), 3 position and infinite position (dual motor).  They can also be ordered in a number of different sizes and styles with options such as heat and massage, footrest extensions and programmable memory positions.  Many fabric choices are available to match your home decor.


Stop by our location on Springbank Drive to try them out!

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Pride LC525M Lift Chair
Pride SR358S Lift Chair
Pride LC510 Lift Chair
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